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Reading Order

The Chosen Series:

Available Now
Book 1: Chosen by the Vampire Kings
Book 2: Stolen by the Alpha Wolf
Book 3: Unlikely Mates
Book 4: Awakened by the Vampire Prince
Book 5: Mated to the Vampire Kings (Short Novel)
Book 6: Wolf Whisperer (Novella)

The Program (Vampire Romance)

Book 1: A Mate for York
Book 2: A Mate for Gideon
Book 3: A Mate for Lazarus
Book 4: A Mate for Griffin
Book 5: A Mate for Lance
Book 6: A Mate for Kai
Book 7: A Mate for Titan

Other Series by Charlene Hartnady

The Demon Chaser Series:

All books in this series are available in Kindle Unlimited at this time
Book 1: Omega
Book 2: Alpha
Book 3: Hybrid
Book 4: Skin

The Bride Hunt Series:
Book 1: Royal Dragon
Book 2: Water Dragon
Book 3: Dragon King
Book 4: Lightning Dragon
Book 5: Forbidden Dragon


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