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The Bride Hunt Series

May 17, 2016

RoyalDragon-350A brand new chapter has begun!

If you’re a fan of my Chosen Series, you’ve seen that there be dragons in this world. Get to meet them in my brand new Bride Hunt Series! Book One, “Royal Dragon” releases July 6th. Learn more about it by clicking the cover or click here to pre-order!

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7 thoughts on “The Bride Hunt Series

  1. I am hooked on all of these books. I have read them multiple times, which is a rare thing for me. I can’t get enough. I have already read Royal Dragon twice and it was more than what I expected. Can’t wait for Water Dragon. You are now my new favorite author and I have read a lot of super natural books and have enjoyed them all, but something about your books just speak to me. Thank you.

  2. I love all your series, the vamps, wolves and dragons. I loved Titan’s story, and your references to him being Thor like. I am a marvels fan, and Thor is my favorite. Love his long hair and sexy voice. Can’t wait to see what Brant does about his son’s blood lust. You and J R Ward are my favorite paranormal authors.

    This may first book review, so that should tell you how much I enjoy your. Characters, and their interactions. Will await word of your book release in August to download to my kindle.

    Frieda Sims

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