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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the books you write are in the serial format. Surely these are just chopped up books that authors put out to make more money off of us readers. Why do you choose this format?


The serial format is a legitimate format that has been around for many years. It is important that all parts, even though they end on cliffhangers, have a beginning, a middle and an end. Serials can be likened to episodes of your favorite TV program. Something is resolved in each part but the overall story line continues.


In today’s world, we are super busy. We don’t always have the time or the energy to dive into thick books anymore (even though we love them). There are plenty of readers looking for bite size reads. As an author, I love to write fast paced books that pack a bit of a punch. I love cliffhangers, both reading them and I especially love writing them. I thoroughly enjoy writing in this format. The frequent releases keep me on my toes and I find it fun. The rule of thumb is that if it’s fun to write, it should be fun to read. Right?


I do plan on releasing a series of novels, at some point. Something completely different. New world, new characters, new ideas. I just have to try and find more time in the day. LOL!


Why the need for such graphic sex and language? Surely you could tone it down a bit?


I write what I like to read myself. I love a good story with the focus on the romance and a ton of conflict both in the bedroom and out. I loves me some serious steam. I struggled to find action packed books with tons of steam so I wrote some myself. If it’s a spade then call it a spade! As for the graphic language, I can’t help it that my vampires have such bad, potty mouths.


I’m thinking of trying out your work. What do you write about?


I write paranormal romance novels. For the most part, my books are action packed and filled to the brim with steamy sex. I also throw in a good dose of humor for good measure. I try and mix it up and to stay true to my characters. They sometimes take me in a total different direction than originally planned. I don’t like to limit myself and therefore write about anything and anyone…if it’s feisty and it bites…it’s in.


What books are available in print? Are there going to be more available in the future?


The Demon Chaser books 1-3 are available in print, at this stage, both individually and as well as all together in one long novel.


I will be releasing Skin (Demon Chaser Book 4) and Chosen by the Vampire Kings (Part 1-6 The complete edition) very soon. The plan is to release bundles of all the follow on serials.


In short, all my work will be available in print. Keep a look out on my website and on Amazon for more information. You can also sign up to my newsletter and never miss a release again.


Will you be releasing another Demon Chaser book in the future?


I already have a book cover and story idea for the next in series. It is just a matter of finding a gap in my busy release schedule and fitting it in. I can’t say when, but there should definitely be at least one more at some point in the future.


Are your books available for free on Kindle Unlimited?


Most of my books are available, at this time, on Kindle Unlimited. You can go to my author page to find out more.


Why are your books only available on Amazon?


I am enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program on Amazon and therefore have to remain exclusive to them for the time being. This may change in the future. If you would still like to read my work, please check out the ‘No Kindle’ tab for more information.


I am a reviewer/book blogger and I would like advance review copies of your work, how can I apply?


Drop me a line


I’m a bit confused! Is there a recommended reading order for the serials?


YES! Go to the ‘Books’ tab and then click on ‘Reading Order’ for clarification. You can also go to any of my books pages on Amazon and scroll down until you hit the ‘From the Author’ section. I hope this helps.


I have a question that really needs answering but it’s not here, what do I do?


Go to the ‘Contact’ tab on my website or simply pop me a mail It can take a few days/even weeks to get back to everyone but I do my best to answer all my mail personally.

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